Amy Raudenbush

Amy Raudenbush
Researcher 2
Wooster Science Building
Degree Information: 
Biology, Rutgers University, 2008
Entomology, M.Sc., Kansas State University, 2012
Field Crop Entomology

Amy began her career in entomology as an undergraduate at Rutgers University where she obtained a degree in biology. To further her education she went on to receive a M.S. in entomology from Kansas State University. In 2016 she joined the Ag Insects team as a Research Associate with Kelley Tilmon. Amy's main research interests revolve around applied integrated pest management strategies in field crops, specifically trapping/monitoring and pesticide efficacy. Currently, Amy organizes a trapping and monitoring network for various Lepidopterian pests throughout the state of Ohio. In addition, she is interested in monitoring stink bugs in soybean in Ohio. Other responsibilities include: evaluating pesticide efficacy in field trials, insecticide bioassays, developing extension materials, supervising research staff, and maintaining the lab website.