Adrian Pekarcik

Adrian Pekarcik
Graduate Student
Wooster Science Building
Degree Information: 
Entomology, M.Sc., Auburn University 2016

Adrian joined the Ag Insects team as a PhD student in January 2017 after receiving a M.S. in entomology from Auburn University. While at Auburn, Adrian evaluated management tactics for sugarcane aphid, Melanaphis sacchari, on grain sorghum in Alabama, and ultimately developed an integrated pest management approach for this invasive species. Currently, Adrian is investigating the Asiatic garden beetle (AGB), Maladera castanea, for his PhD dissertation. AGB is an introduced scarab beetle that is a polyphagous pest of turfgrasses, ornamentals, and most recently, field crops. Adrian is interested in learning more about the biology and life history of this species as well as identifying effective and sustainable management tools for use against this pest in field crops.