News from the Ag Insects Team

  1. Asiatic Garden Beetle Bulletin Update

    Jan 10, 2022

    The Identification, Monitoring, & Management of Asiatic Garden Beetle in Field Crops bulletin was updated for 2022 and is available to view or print on the Aginsects website. This bulletin is a collaboration between The Ohio State University and Michigan State University and is authored by Adrian Pekarcik, Kelley Tilmon and Eric Richer (OSU) and Chris DiFonzo and Bruce Mackellar (MSU). 

  2. Research Update: Asiatic garden beetle grub density research presented at ESA

    Nov 9, 2021

    Kyle Akred, Tilmon Lab MS student, presented his research at the annual Entomological Society of America conference in Denver, CO. Kyle has been evaulating how increasing Asiatic garden beetle (AGB) density impacts corn plant health, particularly plant height under both greenhouse and outdoor microplot conditions. Grub densities evaluated were 0, 1, 2 and 3. Overall, results indicated that corn plant height was negatively impacted as AGB density increased. Furthermore, 30% of corn plants with 3 grubs did not germinate compared to 4.3% in the treatment with 0 grubs.

  3. MSU - OSU Insect IPM Guide

    Aug 17, 2021

    A Michigan State University / Ohio State University Insect Integrated Pest Management Guide written by Dr.'s Chris DiFonzo and Kelley Tilmon is now available for download or print. This guide contains information on the biology and management of field crop insect pests in Michigan and Ohio. Content is available for many agronomic crops including: field corn, soybean, wheat, alfalfa, grass forage, dry beans and sugar beets. 

  4. Research Update: Asiatic Garden Beetle Population Genetics

    Mar 3, 2021

    Tilmon Lab graduate student Adrian Pekarcik received a USDA AFRI EWD Predoctoral Fellowship to investigate the Asiatic garden beetle (AGB), Maladera castanea, an annual white grub species that was introduced to the U.S. in 1921 and has spread to at least 25 states and 2 Canadian provinces. Historically it was a pest of turfgrasses and ornamentals, however, in the last 10 years AGB has emerged as a new pest of field corn in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. We hypothesize that these beetles comprise a genetically distinct population and propose to use molecular genetic tools to compare genetic structure among North America AGB populations. This serves the longer-term goal to understand why AGB has emerged as a new pest. Our objectives are to (1) develop molecular markers for AGB, and (2) assess North American populations for habitat-specific variation and/or geographic variation.

  5. Slug Manuscript Published in Insects

    Feb 12, 2021

    Congratulations Amy, Adrian and Kelley, in collaboration with Dr. Ryan Haden (OSU ATI), for recently publishing a manuscript titled "Evaluation of Slug Refuge Traps in a Soybean Reduced-Tillage Cover Crop System" in the journal Insects. This manuscript focused on comparing slug monitoring methods in soybean. Slugs are frequent pests of field crops, including soybean and corn, especially in no-till fields. Because of slugs nocturnal behavior, monitoring is difficult - making trapping the preferred monitoring method.

  6. Congratulations Matt Lorentz!

    Feb 9, 2021

    Congratulations to Tilmon Lab undergraduate researcher, Matt Lorentz, on receiving second place for his virtual poster in the P-IE, Ecology section at the annual Entomological Society of America meeting! Matt's poster was titled 'Feeding Performance and Preference of the Asiatic Garden Beetle, Maladera castanea, in Field Crops and was co-authored by Adrian Pekarcik, Amy Raudenbush and Kelley Tilmon. To view Matt's poster, click here. 

  7. Student Spotlight

    Jan 21, 2021

    We want to formally introduce the newest Graduate Student member of the Tilmon Lab, Kyle Akred. Kyle started his Masters in Entomology with the Tilmon Lab in the Fall of 2020. Kyle will be working with the Asiatic Garden Beetle (AGB), Maladera castanea, and developing management strategies in field crop systems. To contact Kyle, click here. 

  8. Soybean Defoliation Video

    Jan 19, 2021

    In the most recent Tilmon Lab video, Dr. Kelley Tilmon goes over how to rate soybean defoliation in the field and what to look for before making management decisions. Soybean defoliation is caused by a number of insects including a variety of caterpillars species, Japanese beetles, bean leaf beetles and grasshoppers. Defoliation ratings vary based on the crop stage the soybean is in. For more information, check out our video below.



  9. Soybean Gall Midge Scouting Card

    Jan 17, 2021

    Soybean gall midge scouting card

    The soybean gall midge is a new pest of soybean in the midwestern region first reported in Nebraska. Since its discovery, it has been confirmed in four additional states (South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri) and its distribution is expanding. It has not yet been reported in Ohio, but it is important to be able to recognize soybean injury associated with the soybean gall midge and understand how to scout for this new pest.

  10. **Positions Filled** Tilmon Lab is Hiring for Summer 2020!

    Mar 2, 2020

    Thank you for your interest in the Tilmon Lab! Our summer internship positions have been filled. Please check back for opportuities in the future!

    It is hard to believe it is already March! With summer just around the corner, the Tilmon Lab is looking to hire 1-2 summer interns to assist with our research. This is a paid summer internship in our field crop entomology lab. We have a very applied approach which allows students to get both field and lab experience.