Tilmon Lab Undergraduate Research Assistants Present at ESA!

April 2, 2024

Tilmon Lab undergraduate research assistants, Rebecca DiScipio and Stephanie Pflaum recently traveled to Ft. Collins, Colorado, to present their summer research project at the North Central Branch Entomological Society of America meeting. Rebecca and Stephanie, along with Kylie Harbert (undergraduate research assistant), Amy Raudenbush, Ryan Haden and Kelley Tilmon looked at cereal leaf beetle larvae feeding damage on 11 organic small grain crops. Cereal leaf beetle are known as a sporadic pest in OH and the field infestation in 2023 may have resulted from the drought like conditions northeast Ohio experienced May - June 2023. Small slug-like larve were visible throughout the field infesting various barley and oat varieties. Larvae were also observed on triticale - however, the numbers were significantly lower compared to the oat and barley varieties. To understand this dynamic, we plan to repeat the experiment again in 2024. 

Congratulations Rebecca and Stephanie!

To view the poster, click here: Cereal leaf beetle poster 2024