Tilmon Lab is hiring for summer!

Jan. 16, 2024

The Tilmon Lab is looking to hire 2 - 3 motivated Student Assistants to help us with our summer research projects. In this position you will work hands on with agronomic crops and pests in Ohio. Students can work up to 38 hours a week, Monday - Friday.

The qualified candidates will assist with collecting field data including but not limited to: insect scouting and population monitoring, crop stand counts, plant quality assessments and setting and maintaining traps. Laboratory work is also expected and includes maintenance of lab space, processing samples, and data entry. Candidate will be required to follow all laboratory safety protocols and procedures. Students will also have the opportunity to learn GIS mapping systems and be co-authors on a monitoring network across the state that provides weekly updates to growers. For an example of our newsletter articles, click here: CORN newsletter


  • An interest in biology, entomology or plant science
  • Willing to work outdoors in conditions including heat and rain
  • Willing to travel to research locations in Ohio
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Able to work independently and with a team of other students 
  • Must be flexible on work hours (Monday - Friday, no weekends)
  • Must be 18 or older and a student (highschool, or college)

No previous experience is necessary, we will provide all training needed to be successful. 

For more information or to apply, please end your resume Amy Raudenbush: Raudenbush.3@osu.edu