Statewide Slug Monitoring Project

May. 31, 2024

This year, the Tilmon Lab will be participating in a multi-state slug monitoring project funded by the United Soybean Board. The objective of this study is to better understand slug pressure in various states, including Ohio. Slugs are an increasingly concerning pest for Ohio growers, especially in no-till fields where cover crops are grown. Slugs feed directly on the soybean plant - causing direct damage and sometimes complete loss of the plant. Slug management is difficult due to the nocturnal nature of slugs and all life stages (eggs, juveniles and adults) being present in the field at the same time. 

To monitor for slugs, we are using 1 sq. ft. white roofing shingles in fields that will be planted to soybean. There will be 6 shingles in each field, that will be checked weekly for slugs. The goal is to set and check the traps 3 weeks before plant and then 6 weeks after plant, for a total of 9 weeks of monitoring.  

The shingles provide a shelter for the slugs to rest under during the day. Currently, there is no information on the number of slugs found under the shingle and how that relates to field thresholds. We are hoping that our research provides some clarity on this. 

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