Slugs on Field Crops Factsheet Revised

Oct. 24, 2023

The "Slugs on Field Crops" factsheet was recently revised by student Rachel Cochran and Dr. Kelley Tilmon. This factsheet reviews plant symptoms, how to scout, and management options that are available.

Slugs are a common pest in Ohio on both corn and soybean, most commonly in no-till fields or fields with cover crops. Slugs are nocturnal feeders making it difficult to know if slugs are a problem in your field until excessive feeding has occured. Soybean fields in particular are typically impacted more by slugs than corn fields because of where the growing point is on soybean compared to corn. The growing point on soybean is above ground and often where the slugs will feed, whereas the growing point on corn is below ground, allowing the plant to recover from any above ground feeding. Unfortunately there are not many rescue treatments available - however, if you suspect slugs will be an issue in your field, there are some cultural practices that can be down to reduce the number of slugs, such as delaying planting dates to avoid slugs and encouraging predators. 

The revised Slugs on Field Crops factsheet can be found on our website by clicking on "Extension Publications" and either "Corn" or "Soybean" publications. The PDF is also availble by clicking here!