New Caterpillar ID Card

Nov. 13, 2023

Soybean defoliation is often noticed in soybean fields, and a lot of times, growers will notice multiple caterpillar species present along with the defoliation. Caterpillars feed on the soybean foliage as the plants grow. In Ohio, some of the most common caterpillars we find in soybean fields are the green cloverworm, soybean looper and silver spotted skipper. Also found are thistle caterpillars, woolly bear caterpillars and the saltmarsh caterpillar. Regardless of the species, they all feed on soybean foliage.

Often times this feeding will not cause economic damage, as soybean plants can compensate for the feeding - however, in some instances,  treatment is necessary. Always make sure the insect causing the defoliaiton is still present in the field before any treatment applications are applied. Check out our new Common Caterpillars of OH Soybean card for more information on what the caterpillars look like, how to scout, and when to treat! Click here to view the card!