Lep Monitoring Network Update #1

April 23, 2024

The Ohio Lep Monitoring Network has kicked off its third season of monitoring lepidopteran (moth) pests in agronomic crops. The network consists of 16 counties across Ohio that will be monitoring for black cutworm (BCW), true armyworm (AMW), corn earworm (CEW), Western bean cutworm (WBC), and fall armyworm (FAW) throughout the 2024 field season. 

Both BCW and AMW moths do not overwinter in Ohio, instead, they migrate into Ohio when the weather gets warm. Adult BCW tend to lay their eggs in weedy fields, particularly fields with purple dead neetle; whereas AMW adults target fields with rye cover crops. Once the eggs hatch the larvae then feed on growing corn plants. To monitor for BCW and AMW, the Lep Monitoring Network uses wing traps, that are equipped with a sticky card bottom and a lure to attract each pest. Traps are set along the edge of agronomic fields and checked weekly. We will be monitoring BCW and AMW populations until June in 15 different counties across Ohio, including: Auglaize, Brown, Clinton, Defiance, Hardin, Henry, Lucas, Muskingum, Pike, Putnam, Trumbull, Van Wert, Wayne, Williams, and Wood. There will be a total of 58 BCW traps and 58 AMW monitored each week. 

Our first report on BCW and AMW was April 15 - 21, with 8 counties monitoring 24 BCW traps and 24 AMW traps. Finds are reported in the C.O.R.N. newsletter on a weekly basis. To view the report, click here: April 15 - 21 BCW, AMW Update