Fall Armyworm Monitoring to Begin

Aug. 24, 2023

Lep Monitoring Network Update

The fall armyworm (FAW) is a pest of agronimic crops that reoccurs every 3-5 years in Ohio. Two years ago in September 2021, many remember the FAW outbreak we saw across the state impacting turfgrass and agronomic crops. Since then, we decided to expand our Lep Monitoring Network to include FAW. To monitor for FAW, starting this week, many Educators have switched out the Western bean cutworm monitoring traps and replaced them with FAW traps. To monitor for FAW, we will be using green bucket traps with a pheromone lure. Traps will be checked weekly and an update will be provided in the C.O.R.N. Newsletter. 

Adult moths are a brownish gray color and have white markings toward the back edge of their wings. Fall armyworm adult male. Photo credit: Curtis Young