Bt Corn Trait Table

With the 2019 planting season quickly approaching, one question that comes to mind is "which seed should I choose for my farm"? For corn, there are many traits available, making the decision confusing. To help you determine which seed is a good fit for your farm, The Handy Bt Trait Table was developed. This 2 page doument provides trait names and details of trait packages in an organized, easy to read format. This year’s table was authored by Dr. Chris DiFonzo at Michigan State University with contributions by Drs. Kelley Tilmon (OSU) and Pat Porter (Texas A&M). 

More information on the Handy Bt Trait Table can be found on the Texas A&M website: Texas A&M Website

Download the updated trait table here: The Handy Bt Trait Table

A list of citations documenting performance issues can be downloaded here

For questions, complaints, or corrections please contact Chris DiFonzo, Michigan State University (