1. New Caterpillar ID Card

    Nov 13, 2023

    Soybean defoliation is often noticed in soybean fields, and a lot of times, growers will notice multiple caterpillar species present along with the defoliation. Caterpillars feed on the soybean foliage as the plants grow. In Ohio, some of the most common caterpillars we find in soybean fields are the green cloverworm, soybean looper and silver spotted skipper. Also found are thistle caterpillars, woolly bear caterpillars and the saltmarsh caterpillar. Regardless of the species, they all feed on soybean foliage.

  2. Slugs on Field Crops Factsheet Revised

    Oct 24, 2023

    The "Slugs on Field Crops" factsheet was recently revised by student Rachel Cochran and Dr. Kelley Tilmon. This factsheet reviews plant symptoms, how to scout, and management options that are available.

  3. Photo credit: Zane Raudenbush

    Fall Armyworm Factsheet Now Available!

    Oct 10, 2023

    A fall armyworm factsheet, titled "Fall Armyworm in Ohio Field Crops" written for Ohio Line by Dr's Kelley Tilmon and Andy Michel is now available online! This factsheet discusses the lifecycle, management and treatment options available for fall armyworm in Ohio. Fall armyworm is not a yearly pest in Ohio, becasue it does not overwinter in our region. In fact, fall armyworm is considered It is a tropical species, that when high populations and the right weather events occur, migrates north. This event is known to reoccur every 3-5 years.