1. Statewide Slug Monitoring Project

    May 31, 2024

    This year, the Tilmon Lab will be participating in a multi-state slug monitoring project funded by the United Soybean Board. The objective of this study is to better understand slug pressure in various states, including Ohio. Slugs are an increasingly concerning pest for Ohio growers, especially in no-till fields where cover crops are grown. Slugs feed directly on the soybean plant - causing direct damage and sometimes complete loss of the plant.

  2. Student Spotlight *Maddie Brillhart*

    May 30, 2024

    Hi, I'm Maddie Brillhart. I just finished my first year at Heidelberg University studying Environmental Science and playing on the women's soccer team. I chose to work at the Tilmon lab because I wanted to continue to follow my passion for environmental science into the summer months. I love learning about new aspects of environmental science and how many career paths I could take in the future. I grew up on a small family farm, so agriculture has always been a huge part of my life.

  3. Lep Monitoring Network Update #1

    Apr 23, 2024

    The Ohio Lep Monitoring Network has kicked off its third season of monitoring lepidopteran (moth) pests in agronomic crops. The network consists of 16 counties across Ohio that will be monitoring for black cutworm (BCW), true armyworm (AMW), corn earworm (CEW), Western bean cutworm (WBC), and fall armyworm (FAW) throughout the 2024 field season.